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Psychology & Parenting

Books about parenting, pedagogical and  psychological tips for relationships

Business & Money

Books about business, personal finance, entrepreneurship and how to earn money

Self-Help & Motivational

Books about personal transformation, self-esteem and personal growth skills

Job Hunting & Careers

Books about interviewing, Job Hunting, resumes and career guides

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Good and useful books for everyone!

Our authors

Daniel P. Richardson

Businessman, founder and owner of the real estate corporation, a highly qualified specialist in the field of running own business, money management, coach, start-ups consultant, and investor.

Author of books on money management, personal finance, self-development, start-ups and motivational.

Happy family man, father of three children.

John L. Howard

Businessman, investor, millionaire. Highly qualified specialist in the technology of conducting and management of business. Organizer and master of large-scale business trainings (for entrepreneurs, businessmen), the organizer. Consultant for start-ups and business diagnostics.

Author of books on business management, self-development, and coaching.

Happy family man, a father of four children.

Melony S. Pirs

Psychologist, family psychologist. Highly qualified specialist in the field of relationships with the children, marital relations, and family relations as a whole. A supporter of eco-psychology, co-organizer and participant of programs and projects on family preservation and healthy family relationships.

Author of books on building relationships with children, with difficult teenagers, marital relations, child-rearing.

Happy wife and mother of three children.

Steve M. Carter

HR-manager. Highly skilled expert in labor market, recruitment and training of staff, formation of personnel reserve, regulation of organizational relations in the team. Consultant in the field of human resource management, by leaders of all ranks.

Author of books on recruitment, organization and conducting of interviews, passing the interview, work with the staff.

Happy family man, and father of four children.


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